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Not that Nice is a "Thrill Seekers" crew on GTA Online with the crew tag NICE, and accessible in-game and on Rockstar's Socialclub website. The crew was founded September 13th 2013 and has remained active by it's 600+ members ever since. The crew has the motto "Nice, But not Nice. But still Nice!" as a sort of message to make you think, and also confuse, with the actual meaning of choose yourself if you want to be nice or not nice, hence the name of the crew. The crew was originally created by "SCOdoubleT16" when on Xbox 360. The crew rapidly grew over the course of one year, reaching the previous member cap of 300 members in just a few months, now has many commissioners "Allcatsaregrey", "KoningCasper", "MeGuttsy", "MetalMulisha133", "murskaaja98", "TsxNinjasx" and "xxK1NGTUTxx" co-managing the crew on all currently available consoles. The crew was originally formed in an attempt to enjoy the benefits of the crew system in GTA among friends on the Xbox platform but as it grew it gathered many Playstation members too and now runs on all four current platforms.


NotthatNice has had ocassional meets throughout the years of 2013 and 2014 but has declined with the delayed Heists not being implemented to the online game yet.


The crew has been less active ever since the San Andreas Flight School Update was released, waiting for heists to enjoy the originally advertised multiplayer fun, progression and new items that would come with the dlc / update however these have now been delayed to 2015.


Some images taken by the crew.

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