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The Blood Angels are Motorcycle crews in Grand Theft Auto Online

"Wear Our Colour Or Bleed It"
— Khaos


The Blood Angels Leaders Are Called Presidents They Are In Charge Of The Crew. The Blood Angels MC has B'xerxes As Their President


The Blood Angels Are Originally From The Video Game Warhammer 40,000:Space Marine[1] The Members Who Come From The Original Blood Angels From Warhammer 40,000:Space Marine Are Called Baal Originals, Because The Blood Angels Are From The Planet Baal. When GTA Online Was Realeased The Blood Angels "MC" Was Created. The Blood Angel's Tag Is BAMC Which Stands For "Blood Angels Motorcycle Club".


These Are The Favoured Weapons Of The Blood Angels


These Are Some Of The Vehicles in GTA V That The Blood Angels Use And Own

  • Hexer
    Sexy time 3

    The Ballad Of Gay Tony Buzzard Destroying A Yacht

  • Buzzard

    A Green Bagger In Gta Online

The Blood Angels Use Many Other Motorcycles, Vans, Planes And Helicopters But These Are The Primary Vehicles That They Use

Skill Sets And Players

The Blood Angels Have Players Ranging From Long-Range Sharpshooters To Short-Ranged Sprayers From Hackers (In Bank Heists) To Safe Crackers


The Blood Angels MC (Xbox Crew) Are Currently A War With Another Crew Called "Nirvana MC". Nirvana MC Was Created From Members In The Blood Angels Who Backstabed The Blood Angels, Which Started The Ingame War. The Blood Angels Typically Don't Use Sports Cars And Super Cars, Typically They Smash Them With A Crowbar Or Baseball Bat.


  • Patriot Is Sexy, Bitch
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