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The Crew Up icon shows to players who aren't currently in a crew, encouraging them to do so.

Crews are a social feature created by Rockstar Games after the release of Max Payne 3, another Rockstar title.


Crews consist of a group of players that can battle against other crews and even form alliances with them. Crews have a crew logo and are available for up to 1,000 members, while Rockstar-created crews have no limit on the amount of members. GTA Online allows characters to band together in a Crew and assist one another in criminal activities. Joining and ranking up in a crew will unlock special bonuses, including increased Reputation. Crew rankings are maintained in leaderboards.

Each crew has its own Hierarchy. Crews consist of a Leader, Commissioners, Lieutenants, Representatives, and Muscle. Each role has varying permissions to manage the crew affairs.

Within the crew, Rank Titles can be set/customized:

Default titles
  • Rank 1 - 10: Thug
  • Rank 11 - 20: Hustler
  • Rank 21 - 30: Solder
  • Rank 31 - 40: Trigger
  • Rank 41 - 50: Enforcer
  • Rank 51 - 60: Facilitator
  • Rank 61 - 70: Public Enemy
  • Rank 71 - 80: Shot Caller
  • Rank 81 - 90: Street Boss
  • Rank 91 - 100+: Kingpin

Crew leaders can set a motto, crew colour, 4-character Tag, customized emblem and a style (Chatter boxes, Thrill Seekers, Rebels, Soldiers, All Stars) and whether the crew is open for anyone to join or requires an invitation.

Some crew management is possible from in-game in the Pause Menu, while some aspects require the Social Club website.

Representing a Crew[]

Players can be a member of up to five crews at a time, with one being their active crew. Crew colours can be applied to vehicle in customization workshops as can the crew's emblem on the vehicle hoods or doors (variable size, depending on the vehicle). Crew emblems can also be applied to some clothing items and can be applied as tattoos.


Wiki Crew Pages[]

Articles for RSSC Crews may be created in the GTA Wiki with the following provisos:

  • Pages must be sub-pages of this Crews page, e.g. Crews/GTA Wiki Official
  • Pages should contain the Infobox crew template which should be as complete as possible.
    • This template will automatically include the page in the Crews category.
  • Pages must not be Fanon-focussed, and should contain information on how to join the crew.
    • Pages may not have any other official content category or navbox assigned.




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