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Outdoor sportswear marketed to the kind of urban consumer who rarely goes outdoors or does any sport.
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Crevis is a clothing company in the HD Universe. The player can buy stocks from then in the website in GTA V.


It is featured on under "Outdoor" in the shopping section.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, pedestrians wearing Crevis T-shirts and jackets can be usually seen roaming around Liberty City, especially in Algonquin. There is a Crevis store on Nickel Street, between Bismarck and Columbus Avenues Middle Park East and another one is located on Montauk Avenue in Downtown Broker

In Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, the player can buy Crevis shirts at clothing stores (e.g. Sub Urban) and the brand can be seen in businesses like Vespucci Sports. There is also a radio advertisement for it on Los Santos Rock Radio. It is one of the sponsors for the North Point Trim Track. Dave Norton wears a black Crevis coat in the mission "Prologue".


The slogan "Never stop pretending" suggests that it may be a parody of The North Face, whose slogan is "Never stop exploring".

The logo seems to be similar to the original trefoil Adidas logo, and as both Crevis and Adidas produce sportswear, Crevis could possibly be based on Adidas too.



  • A crevice is the name for a fracture in a rock; It is also a slang for vagina[1], and the logo also bears resemblance to one, showing Rockstar's sexual humor.