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The End Credits of Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 list everybody who worked on the game. They are written in white text and appear on a light blue background with the GTA London 1961 logo in the background.


Dedicated to David Jones, The GTA Team and everyone at DMA Design.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Uses Miles Sound System from RAD Software.
Copyright (C)1994-1999 by Miles Design, Inc.
Uses Smacker Video Technology.
Copyright (C)1994-1999 by Invisible, Inc.
d/b/a RAD Software

Thanks to GTA Cars
(The Car, Physics and Tile editor)
Jeffrey P. Mathews
FIF Engineering

Executive Producer[]


Japanese version Producer[]

  • Shusuke Fujii - Zoo Corporation

Japanese version Translation[]


  • Greg Bick

Lead PC Programmer[]

Technical Director[]

Mission Design and Programming[]

Additional Design and Lead Tester[]


Map Design and Sound Director[]

Cutscenes and Additional Art[]

  • Adam Holbrough
  • Pete Armstrong

Screenplay by[]

Director of Sound Production[]

  • Paul Bennun

Associate Producer[]

  • Ken Jordan

Packaging and Front End Design[]

Music Researched and Compiled by[]

  • Patrick Whittaker

Additional Music Researched by[]

Full Music Credits are listed in the manual.

Emergency Services Consultant[]

  • Patrick Mulhern

Voices recorded at Somethin Else, Brick Lane, E2


QA Supervisor[]

  • Claire Cuthill

Lead Tester[]

  • Adam Rabin

Tested by[]

  • Darren Lloyd
  • Charlie Johnstone
  • Daley Salami
  • Greg Matthews
  • Nick Sneddon
  • Lee Brown
  • Chris Lacey
  • Ronnie Jackson
  • Gary Sims
  • Patrick Chan-Kane-Lin

Special Thanks to[]

  • Terry Donovan
  • Colin MacDonald
  • Beat Records Company Publishing Group
  • Neapolis Records
  • Trojan Records
  • Charlie
  • Kevin Gill
  • Matt Gorman
  • Tricia Gray
  • Charlie Clarke
  • Dr. Gilo Allen and his trio

(C)1999 Rockstar Games. All rights reserved.
'Rockstar Games logo'
'Take 2 Interactive Software'
'Grand Theft Auto'
'GTA' and 'GTA London logo'
are trademarks of Take 2 Interactive Software.

Closing Credits Video[]


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