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The end credits of Grand Theft Auto Advance appear at the end of the mission Freedom Flies. They are written in yellow text and scroll across a green background of a city street.


Original Content By:[]

Digital Eclipse[]


Art Director[]

Lead Artist:[]


Audio Director:[]

Written and Produced By:[]


Senior Producers:[]

Creative Director:[]

Production Manager:[]

Special Thanks:[]

  • Joe Cain
  • Granted Savage

Rockstar NYC[]

Executive Producer:[]

President of Rockstar North:[]

VP Creative:[]

Art Director:[]

VP of Development:[]


Associate Producer:[]

  • Oswald "OZ" Greene

Lead Analyst:[]

  • Gene Overton

Chief Technology officer:[]

Director of Quality Assurance:[]

Technical Manager:[]

  • Sandeep Bisla

Rockstar Test Team:[]

Research and Analysis:[]

  • Joe Howell

Production Team:[]

Rockstar Lincoln Test Team:[]

QA Manager:[]

Lead Tester:[]

  • Jonathan Stones


  • Jon Atkin-Day
  • Kit Brown
  • Nathan Buchanan
  • Alain Dellepiane
  • Dominic Garcia
  • Edward Gibson
  • Joby Luckett
  • Matthew Lunnon
  • Steve McGagh
  • Sergio Russo

Rockstar London[]

Localisation Manager:[]

  • Chris Madgwick

Localisation Coordinator:[]

  • Maike Köhler

QA Tester:[]

  • Graham Ainsley

Assistant Producer:[]

  • Daimion Pinnock

Closing Credits Video[]

GTA Advance: End Credits


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