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The end credits of Grand Theft Auto appear at the end of chapter 6, Rasta Blasta. They are written in green and yellow text and appear in front of a background which features the original Grand Theft Auto logo.


Grand Theft Auto[]

Copyright ©1998 Grand Theft Auto and the Take-Two logo are registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers. Package artwork and design Copyright ©1998 Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. All rights reserved.

PlayStation(tm) Version by[]

  • Visual Sciences Ltd

PlayStation(tm) Credits[]

Executive Producer[]


Visual Sciences Team[]

Lead Programmer[]

  • David Cowan


  • Chris Harrison
  • Stuart Capewell
  • Russell Kay
  • Richard Airlie

ViSOS Programming in Alphabetical Order[]

  • Richard Airlie
  • Stuart Capewell
  • David Cowan
  • Mark Green
  • Cezar Grzlak
  • Chris Harrison
  • Mathew Hendry
  • Russell Kay
  • Alan Savage
  • Richard Swinfen

Additional Graphics[]

  • Geoff Gunning
  • Gregor Maltman
  • Mark Ireland
  • David Cowan
  • Chris Harrison

Moral Support[]

  • Charlie Smith
  • Elaine Stewart
  • Andrew Hay
  • Kevin McDowell
  • Alan McFarlane
  • Alan Redmond
  • Julian Griffith
  • Michael Enoch
  • Trevor Gamon
  • Irina Rohvarger
  • Peter Warden
  • Gary MacAdam
  • David Radford

DMA Design[]

Team Leader and Lead Programmer[]

Lead Artist[]



Map Design and Mission Programming[]

San Andreas[]
Liberty City[]
Vice City[]

Music Written, Produced and Performed by[]

Audio Programming[]

Sound Effects[]

  • Allan Walker
  • Raymond Usher
  • Colin Anderson
  • Craig Conner
  • Grant Middleton

Additional Musicians[]

Graphics Engine[]

Physics Programming[]

Tools Programming[]

Additional Artwork[]

Quality Assurance[]

Additional Design[]

Japanese Version Producers[]

  • Syscom Entertainment Inc.

Japanese Version Text Translation[]

  • Christopher Shioya - BMG Japan

Project Blokes[]

Capo Di Tutte Cappa[]

Take 2 Interactive[]

Take 2 Production Co-ordinator[]

  • Ali Candy
  • Claire Cuthill

Worldwide Quality Assurance Manager[]

  • Tim LeTourneau

Take 2 QA Department[]

  • Darren Lloyd
  • Mike Wenn
  • Adam Rabin
  • Ken Jordan
  • Paul Cuthill
  • Ronnie Jackson
  • Nick Sneddon
  • Steve Clarke

Take 2 Chief Whip[]

Take 2 Technical Manager[]

Game Boy Color Version Credits[]

Grand Theft Auto Created By Tarantula Studios.

Studio Director[]

Project Management[]





The Hardcore 24HR Crew[]

  • Mark, Tim, Denby, Julian, Jim, Lee, Dean, Dan, Martin, Chris, Steve

Closing Credits Video[]


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