"Train station in Cranberry. Popular with anyone who wants to get onto a train."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Cranberry Station is a railway station located in San Fierro, San Andreas.


Located in Doherty in eastern San Fierro and served by the Brown Streak Railroad, Cranberry Station is San Fierro's only railway station. The station is served by Brown Streak trains from Los Santos and Las Venturas. Freight trains often pass through the station as well.

The station's design is rather basic, though it features a spacious and furnished concourse connected to four sheltered platforms (two through platforms and two bay platforms). However, there are no underground or overground walkways between the platforms, so passengers must cross the tracks to access either platform. Two unused railway lines run southward from the bay platforms towards Easter Basin.

A Sprunk vending machine can be found next to the front entrance of the station.




  • Camera (Southwestern corner of the concourse, next to the ticket office)


One Snapshot (the grilled roof over the station)


  • Unlike the other stations in the game, trains do not always arrive when the player stands near the platform. At times, the player can be waiting up to ten minutes before a train arrives.

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