Coverup (Also called; Coverup Paint Company) is a paint manufacturing company in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Coverup is a minor company that makes exterior paint for vehicles. The company is mentioned to be a sponsor of Los Santos Customs on a advertisement for their Lifeinvader page stating they will get a free spray paint job for stalking them.

The company also makes several appearances on racing liveries in Grand Theft Auto Online as a sponsor, most notable on the Coverup Paints livery for the Hotring Sabre.

Dispite not being seen, the company is mentioned to be based in Liberty City, Liberty City State, according to text on a spray can in The Diamond Casino Heist content update.

Coverup is a parody of Axalta, which was formerly a subsidiary of DuPont.



  • The name is likely a reference to the term Cover-up, meaning to hide or conceal a wrongdoing or a crime. This is likely a reference to the fact the player can respray their vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto series to clear a Wanted level.
  • The Cover Up Paints livery for the Hotring Sabre is based on Jeff Gordon's 1996 DuPont Nascar.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV there is worn graphic of a Pintopaint canister at a Auto Cowboys repair shop, Which could likely be related to the Coverup brand due to the mention of "From the Coverup Experts" at the bottom of the canister. It could however turn out to be a independent company unrelated to Coverup as there is no other reference to Coverup in GTA IV.

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