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A Company Mobile Operations Center has been made. Get the Ops Center to safety while maintaining speed to avoid enemy missile lock.

— Brief.

Cover Blown is a Mobile Operations mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


The crew is instructed to enter a Hauler Custom and a weaponized Mobile Operations Center. At least one should take the role of driving the truck, while the others should enter the MOC and provide defense with the turrets. Agent 14 tells the crew that they were surveilling their enemy agents (possibly Merryweather Security) for days in the MOC, but apparently they were "burned", so they have to secure the unit by bringing it to the drop-off.

As soon as the truck is far away from Harmony, Agent 14 warns them that the enemy is almost on top of them with serious arsenal and that a lock-on is set up on the truck by enemy P-996 LAZERs, so the crew is instructed to maintain the vehicle's speed as high as possible to impede their lock-on. The driver should keep the "Speed" bar above a marked line to avoid the lock-on, but if it is below it, the "Enemy Lock On" bar will begin to fill, so the driver has to regain speed to decrease the bar. Otherwise, the truck is simply destroyed, thus failing the mission.

While Agent 14 attempts to find a solution to disable the lock-on, the crew has to avoid oncoming Merryweather mercenaries, which will pursue the truck in Mesas and Annihilators, as well as roadblocks to slow down the truck. The driver has to evade them and drive towards the city while the gunners provide defense with the remote cannons to avoid the enemy killing the driver, potentially harming the progress of the mission.

Once the crew manages to reach Elysian Island, Agent 14 informs them that he managed to find a vulnerability, thus disabling the lock-on. After that, the crew is safe from pursuing Merryweather mercenaries, and can safely bring the truck and the trailer to the drop-off, where friendly agents will be waiting with two Hauler Customs. With the truck and the trailer delivered, the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

  • Enter the Hauler or the Mobile Operations Center.
  • Wait for your team to enter the Mobile Operations Center. (Driver)
  • Wait for your team to attach the Mobile Operations Center. (Defenders)
  • Deliver the Mobile Operations Center to the docks. (Driver)
  • Defend the Mobile Operations Center. (Defenders)

Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Gunrunning - Mobile Operation -5 - MOC (Cover Blown)