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Couzin Ed {born 1968 in Washington, DC) was host of the station V-Rock until 1986, when he was replaced by his intern Lazlow, because Lazlow would accept lesser pay. He took his nickname from Eddie the 'head' the mascot for the band Iron Maiden. Couzin Ed constantly feels he must prove his masculinity, and even loses his pinky finger attempting to "master" his butterfly knife. He constantly belittles and humiliates Lazlow on air, and often questions his sexuality and radio skills.

In GTA: Vice City he phoned in to V-Rock, mentioning that he now works as a bus driver, and that his wife is angry with him for not making enough money, as well as attacking Lazlow, claiming that he didn't know anything about rock and roll. It is unknown what happened to him afterwards. Ed has a noticeably different voice between Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as he puts on a "radio voice" during his time as a DJ. It should be noted that Ed briefly reverts to his "normal" voice when he informs Lazlow that he may be "the only intern he ever fires".

The real life former radio personality Michael "Couzin Ed" Andrews voices himself in both games. Ed legitimately was a DJ for several years, working alongside the real Lazlow. He also legitimately worked as a bus driver and as a stadium announcer for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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