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County General Hospital is a hospital in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas located in Jefferson, Los Santos.


Located in Los Santos, it is one of two hospitals in the city, the other being All Saints General Hospital located further west in Market.

The building itself takes a staggered, symmetrical design with two drive ways, and pedestrian access through the center, leading to the doors. In the center of the building is a large tower, and at the far corner, a radio tower. At the main entrance, "County General" signage is present just above the doors on a glass roof. The rear perimeter of the building is bordered by palm trees and flower beds.

At either side of the hospital grounds are alleyways between the street wall and the building which serve as footpath access from and to the surrounding roads.

An Ambulance often spawns on the left driveway. A gang tag is located on a wall of the hospital. A sniper rifle can also be found on the highest rooftop of the hospital.

The building has similarities with the similarly-named Los Angeles County General Hospital. While the facade designs do not share many similarities, both buildings are art-deco style and do feature a crowing tower.

If the player is killed within the eastern half of Los Santos, they will respawn at County General.


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