Cougari, also written Covgari in classical Latin alphabet, is a business appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


As seen on billboards and in their shop windows, Cougari are a luxury goods retailer selling jewelry and home wares including solid gold toilets and fittings. Their store is inaccessible to the player and plays no part in the story.



Cougari is obviously based on the jewelry and luxury goods company Bulgari while the name is a play on cougar, being an older female sexual predator who hunts younger men.

The design of its store in Rockford Hills is a much larger scale replica of the facade of the Hermès store at 434 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California as it looked prior to undergoing a redesign some time between 2011-2014 [1].


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  1. Cougari-GTAV-Hermes434RodeoRealLife2011Replaced2014

    Google Street View image of the Hermès store in 2009 prior to the 2014 remodeling.

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