Cougar Avenue is a two-way street in Grand Theft Auto V located in Del Perro, Morningwood and Rockford HillsLos Santos.


It begins at the intesection of Dorset Drive and West Eclipse Boulevard, ending at the intersection of Bay City Avenue and Bay City Incline. It has connections to Liberty Street, Prosperity Street, North Rockford Drive and Morningwood Boulevard.


The street is particularly residential, having a few businesses on the eastern side, after crossing North Rockford Drive.

Places of Interest

Del Perro



Rockford Hills


  • Discount Jewels (inside XYZ Store)
  • Fruit of The Vine
  • Homme Gina (corner of North Rockford Drive)
  • Miss T
  • Ponsonbys
  • Café Vespucci (corner of Morningwood Boulevard)
  • XYZ Store (corner of Morningwood Boulevard)


  • 4 ATM's:
    • 2 at Tivoli Cinema
    • 2 at International Online Unlimited
  • Tennis Courts (corner of Dorset Drive, Rockford Hills)
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