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A Corona is a semi-transparent GUI element appearing throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. The corona first appeared in Grand Theft Auto 1 and has appeared in every game since, in some way or form, utilizing a very similar design and the same purpose throughout the entire series.


The corona appears as a cylindrical element with a semi-transparent appearance, which emits a small amount of light at night. They appear in various sizes with different heights and diameters, and some include an additional icon in the center, such as a finishing-line flag, or a vehicle. Most appear vertical, while some air checkpoints may appear horizontal and appear as rings rather than a single cylinder. Typically, the corona is coloured yellow/gold, however various checkpoints, particularly in the HD Universe appear in blue, orange, red and green, too.


The purpose of the corona varies throughout the series however it mainly acts as a trigger point to activate missions, or as a checkpoint to reach.

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