"Ah, America in the 1950s. It's easy to spot the moment when Freudian psychosexual theory met car design and what a glorious pairing it was. This Coquette couldn't be more phallic if it was dragging a pair of hairy beach balls. It even smells like cigar smoke, conservative values, and semen. Get out your check book because this golden age of repression won't resurrect itself." description.

The Invetero Coquette BlackFin is a classic sports car introduced to Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update.


The car is mainly based on the 1956-1957 Chevorlet Corvette (C1) along with some influences from the Roadster Shop Corvette, notably the rims. The name is a reference to the Mako Shark Corvette concept. The car's features slightly resemble the curves of a fish, which suits its name. It has the same tail lights as the Coquette Classic, except it doesn't have reverse lights. The car has unique stock wheels along with a unique engine sound.

The grille resembles those found on Austin-Healey sports cars.

Current Design Gallery

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Powered by its 327cui 360hp V8 engine, the car has very good acceleration with a good top speed for a muscle car. Its handling is better than the Coquette Classic's, and better than several other Muscle cars. It doesn't have as many bouts of severe oversteer compared to other Muscles, and feels more consistent than them as a result. However, the car can still have its times of being hard to control, usually when attempting to take a corner and riding a curb, which regularly causes the car to lose control. It isn't as fast as similar Muscle cars, but makes up for that by being able to take the corners faster and with less chances for spin outs.

Because of its consistency, high speed carry, alongside very good acceleration, the Coquette BlackFin is a good choice for Muscle racing. It's especially good on tracks which lack long straights and have more corners than normal, but stands a fighting chance on most courses regardless.

GTA V Overview

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It can be fitted with a custom chin spoiler at the front bumper, a roll cage upgrade, exhaust options like the Coquette Classic (side exhausts and dual shotgun exhausts), custom hoods including carbon hoods, an option to remove the roof, and a small lip and ducktail spoiler.



  • Can be found in players' garages in single player (PS3/XBOX360).
  • Can be bought at for $695,000.

GTA Online

  • Can be bought at for $695,000.


  • The BlackFin is in the Muscle cars class, despite its Sports Classic characteristics.
  • Even though both the front and rear bumpers are visibly two parts, when damaged it can hang off oddly as though it is all one bar, often leading to one side 'floating' behind the car.
  • The name "BlackFin" may be derived from the car's fin shaped roll-over protection behind the seats.
  • The roll-cage customization is similar to the roll-cage found in the movie "Hot Rods to Hell," which features the BlackFin's real-life counter part, a first generation Chevrolet Corvette[1].
  • The BlackFin has a unique deceleration sound, which is somewhat similar to the Stirling GT and Virgo, but more mechanical sounding.


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