"OK time to prove yourself. For reasons that don't concern you, I have an urgent need to thin out the police presence in Los Santos and I was thinking you could cause a diversion... pay some police stations a visit, cause some chaos, lead the cops on a merry dance out of town. I'll have grenades and an armored car waiting for you at the factory. Yes, that kind of chaos."
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Cops Capacity is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given by Lester Crest to the player. It is available up to 2 players.


Lester needs to lose his problems with the LSPD to make his heists and other operations easier. For this, Lester orders the team to destroy several law enforcement vehicles around the state. The team will gain a modded (bulletproof tires) yellow Dominator from the warehouse with suppliers. The first targets are two cop cars at a police station in western La Mesa. The next target is a Police Riot van in a Police parking lot near the Vespucci Canals. At this point, the team should have gained a three-star wanted level, the next targets are three Police bikes at the police station in Rockford Hills. Now, the team must head to the main entrance of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary to destroy a Prison Bus. After losing the cops, the team needs to go to Lester's safehouse in the Grand Senora Desert, where they will get their pay.

Mission objectives

  • Collect the supplies from the warehouse.
  • Destroy the cop cars.
  • Destroy the Police Riot van.
  • Destroy the Police Bikes.
  • Destroy the Prison Bus.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to Lester's safehouse.


  • The easiest way to complete the mission is to have one person waiting at the riot van, and one waiting at the police bikes, while the other player(s) destroy the cop cars. The person at the riot van then destroys it with sticky bombs or grenades. Then the person at the police bikes destroy them with grenades or sticky bombs. Then the players destroy the prison bus together.
    • There is a glitch present on the PC version. Whereas the Riot Van cannot be destroyed by sticky bombs or grenades, but the Homing Launcher and RPG works properly.
  • After destroying the prison bus, the players must lose the cops. If all players have a wanted level and one player loses their wanted level, every player in the lobby loses their wanted levels.
  • There is a way to complete the mission by simply finding the locations first before getting supplies at Lester's warehouse. Doing this will just leave you with the objective of going to the safehouse.

Video walkthrough


GTA Online - Mission - Cops Capacity Hard Difficulty


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