"All we gotta do is protect some gear the gang has coming in then I can get Meredith's loose lips working on me... I mean, for us. We're gonna know real soon if there's a rat in this gang. I'm a pro, baby. Seriously."
―Lester Leroc

Convoy Conflict is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is given to Huang Lee by Lester Leroc.


Huang meets with Lester Leroc, who says that he has yet to find the 'Fed rat'. Lester mention that The Angels of Death's leader's girlfriend, Meredith, must know something about that, but only the most respected members can talk with her. Because of that, Lester agreed to scort a convoy full of products for the AOD and he needs Huang's help to protect the convoy.


Make sure to have an SMG before starting the mission. Hop in Lester's bike and follow him to the convoy. There will be two vans that must be protected. Follow them and soon, members of The Lost MC will start to attack. They will attack using motorcycles, vehicles and on foot. Just use the SMG and make sure to kill them fast before they cause too much damage to the vans. In the middle of the way, the attackers will make a blockade to stop the convoy, shoot the explosive barrel near the blockade to destroy it. After reaching their destination, the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get on Lester's spare bike
  • Follow Lester
  • Protect the vans in the convoy. Don't let any of them be destroyed
  • Destroy the roadblock
  • The vans have started moving again. Protect them

Mission Replay Description

"Lester was accepted into the gang. Those dead beats must've been brain dead.

We solved a serious problem the gang had, raising Lester's credibility enough to get close to the gang's boss's girl.

He'd be able to find out from her if the gang had an FIB rat in their ranks."


  • While riding with Lester, you can push his bike into a nearby parking lot, getting him stuck. The game will then teleport Lester to the appropriate location
  • While protecting the vans, if you are in a vehicle, you can push the second van into a parking lot adjacent to the road. The mission will continue normally and you will only have to protect the first van, making it considerably easier to complete the mission.



Video Walkthroughs

Convoy Conflict
Convoy Conflict

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