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This article lists the default controls used for Grand Theft Auto Vice City on the PC, Xbox 360 and (Playstation 3 soon.)

Default Controls

Control PC 360 PS3 Notes

On Foot

Fire/Attack NUM0-LCTRL-Left mouse button (LMB) B?
Next Weapon ENT-Wheel Up D-Pad Right?
Previous Weapon NUM .-Wheel Dn D-Pad Left?
Move Forward UP-W LS Up?
Move Backwards DOWN-S LS Down?
Move Left LEFT-A LS Left?
Move Right RIGHT-D LS Right?
Sniper Zoom In PGUP-Z-Wheel Up RS Up?
Sniper Zoom Out PGDN-X-Wheel Dn RS Down?
Enter/Exit Vehicle RET -G Y?
Change Camera HOME-V Back?
Jump RCTRL-Space X?
Sprint /-Z A?
Target/Aim DEL-Right mouse button (RMB) LT?
Crouch C LS (Pressed)?
Action TAB D-Pad Left?

In Vehicle

Fire NUM0-LCTRL-Left mouse button (LMB) B?
Forward UP -W RT?
Reverse DONN -S LT?
Steer Left A LS Left?
Steer Right D LS Right?
Enter/Exit Vehicle RET -G Y?
Next Radio Station INS -R -MS Wheel Up D-Pad Left?
Horn RSHIFT -Z LS (Pressed)?
Sub-mission NUM + -CAPSLOCK ?
Change Camera HOME -V ?
Handbrake RCTRL -Space -RMB RB?
Look left+Turret L NUM4 N/A?
Look RIGHT+Turret R NUM5 N/A?
Turret DOWN + Lean Down NUM6 LS Up?
Turret UP + Lean Up NUM9 LS Down?
Look Behind COMBO: LOOK L+R RS?
Look Left NUM1-Q ?
Look Right NUM2-E ?


Shoot Left mouse button (LMB) A?
Forward UP-W RT?
Backwards DOWN-S LT?
Left LEFT-A LS Left?
Right RIGHT-D LS Right?
Pitch Forward NumPad 8 LS Up?
Pitch Back NumPad 2 LS Down?
Rotate Left NumPad 4 LB?
Rotate Right NumPad 6 RB?

Standard PC controls for GTA Vice City

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