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This article lists the default controls used for Grand Theft Auto IV on the PCXbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Default Controls

Control PC 360 PS3 Notes


Take phone out Up D-Pad Up
Phone number keys Up (after taking phone out) D-Pad Up (after taking phone out)
Phone Accept Enter / NumPad Enter Enter Key On Phone
Phone Cancel Backspace Backspace Key on Phone
Phone Up Up D-Pad Up
Phone Down Down D-Pad Down
Phone Left Left D-Pad Left
Phone Right Right D-Pad Right
Radar Zoom T D-Pad Down
Look Behind C RS
Change Camera V Back
Definition Toggle P N/A
Text Chat Team U N/A
Text Chat All Y N/A

On Foot

Action E LB
Move Left A LS Left
Move Right D LS Right
Move Forward W LS Up
Move Backwards S LS Down
Sprint Left Shift A
Jump Space X
Crouch Left Ctrl LS (Pressed)
Attack Left mouse button (LMB) B
Fire Aim/Melee Lock On Right mouse button (RMB) LT
Next Weapon Wheel Up D-Pad Right
Previous Weapon Wheel Dn D-Pad Left
Sniper Zoom In Wheel Up RS Up
Sniper Zoom Out Wheel Dn RS Down
Enter/Exit Vehicle F Y
Enter/Exit Cover Q RB
Reload R B (When Holding Weapon)
Detonate Down D-Pad Left

In Vehicle

Steer Left A LS Left
Steer Right D LS Right
Lean Forward Left Shift LS Up
Lean Back Left Ctrl LS Down
Accelerate W RT
Brake S LT
Handbrake Space RB
Shoot Left mouse button (LMB) LB
Next Weapon Q X
Previous Weapon Z N/A
Drop Weapon (GTA Race only) R B
Horn G LS (Pressed)
Headlight H X (Held)
Look Behind C RS
Cinematic Camera Cap Lock Back
Hotwire 1 W LT & RT (Tapped)
Hotwire 2 S N/A
Next Radio Station Wheel Up D-Pad Left
Previous Radio Station Wheel Dn D-Pad Right
Turn Off Radio X D-Pad Left or D-Pad Right Held
Previous Song B N/A
Next Song N N/A


Shoot Left mouse button (LMB) A
Shoot Secondary Left Shift X
Throttle Up W RT
Throttle Down S LT
Pitch Forward NumPad 8 LS Up
Pitch Back NumPad 2 LS Down
Bank Left A LS Left
Bank Right D LS Right
Rotate Left NumPad 4 LB
Rotate Right NumPad 6 RB


Punch 1 Left mouse button (LMB) B
Punch 2 R Y
Kick (while locked on) Q X
Block (while locked on) Space A


Unarmed 1 D-Pad Right
Melee 2 D-Pad Right
Handgun 3 D-Pad Right
Shotgun 4 D-Pad Right
Submachine Gun 5 D-Pad Right
Automatic Rifle 6 D-Pad Right
Sniper Rifle 7 D-Pad Right
Heavy Weapon 8 D-Pad Right
Grenade/Molotov 9 D-Pad Right
Special 0 D-Pad Right
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