"Our post-apocalyptic group is in desperate need of supplies. Make a run into town. We have heard rumours of bags containing medical supplies in two areas: inside the convenience store and on the roof of a vacant building. Watch for zombies and other survivors..."
―Match Description

Contend: Zombie Town is a Rockstar verified Capture in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The mission is unlocked at rank 1, and is set around Grapeseed. The player(s) must head to Grapeseed Main Street to collect the bags, either on foot or using the Bisons, Emperors, Reginas or Gauntlets provided.

The street itself is littered with wrecked cars, wrecked buses, fences and other obstacles, and the bags are being protected by Clown NPCs, who will attempt to kill the players if the players are near them.

The first base is located in North-East Grapeseed. The second is located in Galilee.


GTAO-Zombie Town Map.jpg


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