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"That smart ass was always high so it's just ironic that he hid his long lost treasure on the highest place in the state. Fly the Vestra towards the top, jump for the money bags then parachute with caution down Mount Chiliad to our base. Watch out though coz we're not the only treasure hunters around."
―Match Description

Contend:Highest Treasure is a Rockstar verified Capture in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The mission is unlocked at rank 1, and is set around Mount Chiliad. The player(s) must fly using the aircraft supplied at the shoreline to the top of the mountain. They must either land (not recommended) or parachute to collect the money bags. Robbers are also present at the top of the mountain, who will shoot the player once near the money bags.

Weapons like the AP Pistol and Assault Rifle are available at both the top and the bottom of Mount Chiliad.

Vehicles like the Vestra aircraft and Frogger helicopter are supplied on the Great Ocean Highway on the west, and the beach just west of the mountain.

Each of the bases are located at either side of the cable car ride on the beach.


GTAO-Highest Treasure Map
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