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"Corrupt Cops from different divisions of the force compete for the shipment held by the famous knife gang. Wait for even teams before start, Get 8 x Duffel Bags back to your HQ and the doughnuts are on me."
―Match Description

Contend:CORRUPT COPS is a Rockstar verified Capture featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The Capture takes place on the Procopio Beach just east of Paleto Bay. The main map is a series of containers, huts and barriers. Players must fight along the beach side. Several boat ramps are on the shore line.

The player(s) must collect 8 Duffel Bags to win, each of the duffel bags are located around the area, with some near the opposing team's base.

Vehicles like Police Predators out at sea, and Sanchez's on land are available. Because the mission is a police-based capture, FIB vehicles and other emergency vehicles are also on-site.





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