Much like its predecessors, the radio stations of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories provide satirical commercials for products, events, and organizations.

  • Ammu-NationGTA's famous gunstore is back, providing supplies to people who want to protect themselves from the then-imminent Y2K bug, this time, going cyberoptic with its own website, References Logger Beer and Redwood Cigarettes from GTA San Andreas.
  • Old Horsey Bathtub Gin Still — A working replica of the bathtubs used to secretly make booze during the Prohibition era.
  • Chateau de Buf — A brand of wine tailored to foster and enhance the sexual experience.
  • Crowfest '98 — A hybrid of Ozzfest and Live Aid, featuring rock singer Crow flavoring his rock with ethnic music.
  • Citizens United Negating Technology For Life And People's Safety — narrated by a person suspiciously similar in tone to Jack Thompson .It has the acronym "CUNTFLAPS".
  • Feel All Great Sports — A sporting goods store with a gay theme, hence the acronym "FAGS". References the Ultimate Disk in the Dark from GTA San Andreas.
  • Koala — A parody of Charmin toilet paper, using koalas instead of bears.
  • Liberty City's Finest — A recruiting commercial for the Liberty City Police Department, stereotyping policemen as lazy yet violent. Similar in many ways to a commercial heard in the GTA San Andreas radio system, with the actress in it the same one who does the Kilimanjaro advert in the game.
  • Maibatsu Womb — Another Maibatsu vehicle in the tradition of the Monstrosity and Thunder, which does not appear in game. The Womb is an accessory laden and presumably jumbo-sized minivan catering to the married husband.
  • The Mainframe — A parody of The Matrix, though the Matrix technically did not premiere until 1999, the year after GTA Liberty City Stories is set in.
  • PastMaster — A quasi-educational computer game that helps children relive famously atrocious American battles throughout history.
  • Pilgrim's Pantry — A restaurant with a 17th-century with a Pilgrims theme. Holds a weekly Crucible night.
  • RAILS — A Colombian-manufactured cereal intended for consumption through the nose, much like cocaine.
  • Space Monkey 7 - A video game involving monkeys attacking Earth after a nuclear holocaust.
  • Swapmeet — A sitcom involving a group of colleagues living in a "million dollar apartment", spoofing Friends. Two ads exist, with one mentions another show, Bad T and Theo.
  • Plug — A 50's style musical commercial for tampons.
  • Vivisection — A science kit/board game where kids can run biological experiments on live rats. Also comes as a popular kart-racing video game, and its commercial satirizes the numerous kart-racing video games released in the late 90's, such as Mario Kart 64, Crash Team Racing, and Diddy Kong Racing.
  • Discount Adventure Cruises -- A commercial inviting people who can't afford regular cruises to go on a budget "luxury" cruise in a recently retired oil tanker. Comes with cots and rooms with little to no space. A "Super Discount Adventure" package is also available for those that travel solo, which consists of a raft.

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