The garage

The Commerce Garage is a garage featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The garage is located in the district of Commerce, Los Santos, under the intersection of the Los Santos Freeway and the East Beach Freeway Extension. Deleted dialogue from the mission Life's a Beach reveals that the garage is owned by LB, who owns another garage in Playa del Seville.

The garage is featured only in Life's a Beach, in which it is used to store a sound van that was stolen from a beach party. The interior is seen only during a cutscene and is not accessible to the player.

The garage advertises cheap parking for $4.00.


  • Strangely enough, if the player inputs "All cars explode" cheat just as the cutscene including CJ delivering the sounds van into the garage ends, there will be a mission failure message "The sounds van was destroyed!" with a Mission Passed! pop-up screen. The player will be in the garage but they cannot move until about 15 seconds later where Carl will get out and respawn on the street. (Confirmed on PC)
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