Commerce is a district in Los Santos, San Andreas. It surrounds the area of Pershing Square. North of Commerce is Downtown Los Santos, while south of Commerce is Verdant Bluffs. West of Commerce are Verona Beach, Market and Conference Center, while to the east are the districts of Little Mexico and Idlewood.


Like neighboring Downtown, Commerce is a dense and urbanised area. As the name suggests, it is primarily a commercial district; a lot of businesses, office buildings and high-rise apartments are found here. Commerce also surrounds Pershing Square, the administrative core of the city and home to Los Santos City Hall although the southern section containing the City Hall is marked as its own neighborhood on the official map.

Events of GTA San Andreas

During "Just Business", Carl and Big Smoke are attacked by Russian mobsters in the Atrium. After the shootout, CJ and Smoke attempt to escape from the Russians riding a bike through the Los Santos Storm Drain. In OG Loc's mission "Life's a Beach", the player must deliver a stolen van to a garage in Commerce.

Commerce is also where the courier missions in Los Santos start, at Roboi's Food Mart, in the southwest of the district.

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