Columbus Center is a large high-rise office tower complex featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is situated in Star Junction, Algonquin. The center consists of four large office towers varying in height surrounding a central court yard. The court yard features a sunken-in sitting area, complete with tables and landscaping as well as various retail stores such as the Bean Machine. The tallest building in the complex is the 4th tallest building in Liberty City.

The Columbus Center takes up a full city block. The complex's boundaries are Columbus Ave, Manganese Street, Denver-Exeter Avenue and Lorimar Street. The Columbus Cathedral sits right across the street from the center.


The office complex is clearly based on the Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan.


  • Sunken courtyard complete with seating, tables and retail stores.
  • Four office towers; the tallest the player can get to the roof using a window cleaning platform.
  • Live Central Music Venue based off the Radio City Music Hall.
  • The "NBC" headquarters entrance reads CBN.
  • None of the towers have rooftop gardens like in real life.
  • Viendemorte on Deck Restaurant based off Rainbow Room Observation Deck.


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