The Columbus Avenue-Hematite Street Building is an unnamed building in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars located in Easton, Algonquin.


The building is located on the corner of Hematite Street and Columbus Avenue in the Easton neighborhood of Algonquin, situated just south of the Grand Easton Terminal and GetaLife Building, north of Leopolds and east of the Triangle Building. It is home to two high-end restaurants; Fanny Crabs (north) and Out of Towners "OOT" (south).

The building itself consists of a lower floor home to the aforementioned restaurants, with signage and overhangs, and an upper level split into two stories, set back with large pillars built onto a veranda, of which is bordered by metal fencing. The entire building takes influences from Greek Revival architecture.

It is completely unnamed and unmentioned in game, and is not accessible to the player.

It is heavily based on what remains of Colonnade Row located in lower Manhattan, New York City, which was once a series of 9 buildings built into one row of Greek Revival buildings. In a similar nature to how all but the last four were destroyed, the building's span in GTA IV is somewhat short and surrounded by newer buildings, suggesting it has a similar background story.



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