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Columbus Avenue is an avenue in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Algonquin, Liberty City.


The avenue starts in the north at an intersection with Uranium Street in East Holland, and runs directly south, passing through the areas of Middle Park, Star Junction, The Triangle, Lower Easton, Chinatown and coming to an end at an intersection with South Parkway running along the edge of The Exchange and Castle Gardens.

Columbus Center.

Along the road are various landmarks, buildings and features, including the Columbus Center and Columbus Cathedral, the GetaLife Building, Grand Easton Terminal, Zirconium Building, The Triangle, The Libertonian, Live Central Music Venue, Middle Park and Yusuf Amir's penthouse.


Construction work between Iron Street and Jade Street.

At the northern end of the road, a quick slope descends the road into the area of Middle Park at Topaz Street. Along the side of the road are trees bordering the park. The road is home to many luxury apartments and stores along the longitude of this neighborhood. After passing through the eastern fringe of Star Junction, where the bright lights of Burlesque and Denver-Exeter Avenue become visible, construction work between Jade Street and Iron Street essentially divides the road in two. From the north, traffic is diverted east along Jade Street, while at the south end, traffic is diverted west along Iron Street. In the under-construction portion is an operational newsagent, and the United Liberty Paper offices. A particular junction, Garnet Street, is very prone to traffic congestion due to the adjacent Burlesque intersection surrounding The Triangle Building. The short span between the two intersections causes congestion across Garnet Street, particularly down to the two intersections' traffic light systems being out of sync. The avenue quickly passes by Suffolk and Little Italy evidenced by the presence of small restaurants on the west side, before essentially being divided between Chinatown and City Hall; the Algonquin Municipal Building on the west dominates the City Hall skyline, while Chinatown's traditional restaurants on the east make for a colorful, contrasting backdrop. The avenue makes its final stop in The Exchange, home to some of the city's tallest office buildings. Castle Gardens is in plain view from this point looking south with the height of the road quickly descending down to South Parkway after Amethyst Street.

The entire street is a 4-lane road flowing in both directions and connects to 23 streets - almost all horizontal streets of the Algonquin alphabetical system, namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T and U, falling short of V, W and X.

Columbus Avenue is the longest continuously straight road in Liberty City, however Bismarck Avenue would be longer when combining its stretch. The construction works between Iron and Jade Street, however, does make the road harder to travel in one run.

It is likely based on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, given where it passes through, particularly in the Middle Park area of Algonquin, which appears to be based on Fifth Avenue's notable Central Park stretch.


Location Type Road Direction Image(s)
The Exchange road begin South Parkway e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Denver Avenue & Union Drive West
road crossing Amethyst Street e/b toward Albany Avenue
road crossing Barium Street w/b toward Denver Avenue
Chinatown road crossing Calcium Street e/b toward Borlock Road
road crossing Diamond Street w/b toward Liberty Lane
road crossing Emerald Street e/b toward Privateer Road
w/b towards Union Drive West
Lower Easton road crossing Feldspar Street w/b toward Union Drive West
road crossing Garnet Street e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Castle Drive & Union Drive West
The Triangle road crossing Hematite Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Leaper's Bridge
w/b toward Union Drive West.
road crossing Iron Street w/b toward Union Drive West.
road crossing Jade Street e/b toward Albany Avenue. Terminates and continues at Hematite Street.
Star Junction road crossing Kunzite Street e/b toward Algonquin - Dukes Expressway, Dukes Boulevard & Munsee Avenue
road crossing Lorimar Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue & West Way
road crossing Manganese Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Union Drive East
Middle Park road crossing Nickel Street w/b toward Union Drive West
road crossing Obsidian Street e/b toward Union Drive East
road crossing Pyrite Street w/b toward Columbus Avenue
road crossing Quartz Street e/b toward Albany Avenue
road crossing Ruby Street e/b toward East Borough Bridge & Union Drive East
road crossing Silicon Street e/b toward Union Drive East
road crossing Topaz Street e/b toward Albany Avenue, San Juan Road & Union Drive East
w/b toward Hickey Bridge & Union Drive West
East Holland road end Uranium Street e/b toward Bismarck Avenue
w/b toward Galveston Avenue

Events of Grand Theft Auto IV

During Three Leaf Clover, LCPD lock down the street and its surrounding areas when Niko, Packie and Derrick raid the Bank of Liberty branch in Chinatown. When one of the bank clerks activates the alarms, LCPD respond and surround the bank. Police Stockades are used to block the road and NOOSE Cruisers are used in surrounding alleyways.

The Ballad of Gay Tony's introductory crossover commences with Luis being one of the hostages in the bank. After being let go, Luis walks free from the crime scene and walks down Columbus Avenue as his daily life resumes.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto IV

Side Missions

The Ballad of Gay Tony

  • Luis walks along the avenue during the GTA IV-crossover events of Three Leaf Clover during the game's introduction. Interestingly, traffic appears to be flowing as normal during this scene, while the entire area is shut down during the mission in GTA IV.


Notable Businesses



  • Like other avenues of Algonquin, Columbus Avenue is named after a state capital of the United States, specifically Columbus, Ohio.
  • The Ruby Street intersection has pedestrian crossings misplaced, as if the intersection was a 2-lane wide road.