The Colony Island Safehouse (also known as 531 President Avenue) is a safehouse for Huang Lee in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


The safehouse is a residential apartment located in President Avenue, Colony Island, Algonquin, next to the abandoned hospital. The apartment is equipped with a garage that can hold up one vehicle only.

Along with the introduction of drug dealing, every safehouse has a stash box in which the player can stash collected drugs to free up space in the holdall or prevent the drugs from being taken by the police when busted.

The whiteboard is used to replay previously completed story missions and to input cheats in the iPhone/iPod touch versions. The laptop is used to upload stats using Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection, viewable on the Rockstar Social Club.

The couch is used to save the game to restore the player's health, remove wanted levels, and advance the game by six hours. The door is used to exit the safehouse. Rewards in the form of objects can be seen placed on shelves and on tables for the player to view.

The apartment also appears during the mission The Snow Storm in Grand Theft Auto IV, but its inaccessible for the player. In this mission, Niko stops at the parking lot of the safehouse before he gets Elizabeta's coke in the old hospital.




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