Colonel Fuhrberger's House is a property located in East BeachLos Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The property is owned by Colonel Fuhrberger, a retired military colonel and Vietnam veteran.

The building's interior is identical to those of many other buildings in the game, though it contains some unique features. Various items of military memorabilia are located in the rooms on the ground floor, including sandbags, a howitzer aiming out the window, and mesh camouflage on the ceiling.

Upstairs, there are two inaccessible doors, and a poster of Candy Suxxx and a banner of a civilian posse in the Colonel's bedroom.

Appearances in Missions

The apartment only appears in the mission Home Invasion, where Carl Johnson and Ryder sneak in and steal several crates of surplus weapons and ammo. Following the mission, the Colonel's home can be entered at any time.


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