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This mission crosses over with Museum Pieceand Not So Fast.
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Johnny: "Hey, alright man. How's it goin'?"
Niko: "Hey, good to see you again."
Johnny: "Yeah likewise... uh, let's hope this goes a little better than before, yeah? Come on let's get inside."
Johnny Klebitz meets Niko Bellic once more.

Collector's Item is the second mission in The Lost and Damned which is given by Ray Boccino to Johnny Klebitz. It was first seen in GTA IV as Museum Piece, and later appears again in The Ballad of Gay Tony as Not So Fast.


Ray calls Johnny to head to The Libertonian and offload the stolen diamonds to some jewelers. The story then goes on just like in IV but Johnny escapes through a different door.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:



Johnny goes to the North Entrance of the Libertonian. He can progress on his own or call Clay Simons and Terry Thorpe for backup. Johnny enters the Libertonian and meets Niko Bellic at the goods entrance. The meetup cutscene between Johnny and Niko is exactly the same from the main story, as is the following cutscene when the group is fired upon from above during the deal by Luis Fernando Lopez. Just like the main story cutscene, some of the other party's members will be killed.

In the hail of gunfire, Johnny grabs the cash and makes a break for it. From here, things get to be a bit different from Johnny and Niko's perspective. Johnny will start in the upper left hallway, while Niko is on the right. Escape from the Libertonian. Niko can be heard using his taunts during the fire fight as he does when being played as. If the player quickly goes to the railing and looks down at the museum floor, they can see Niko fighting his way to the exit. If Terry and Clay are called for backup during the shootout, they will wait for Johnny at the North entrance.

Just as in Museum Piece with Niko, the player must make their way down the hallway killing the foes in their path. Instead of going the way Niko did in the main story mission, Johnny must make a sharp left after descending the staircase and head down through where he originally entered the building.

Outside, Ray's goons are lying in wait, taking cover behind their black luxury sedans. The player must take out Ray's guys. After taking them all out, two cars will make off. Some of the mafia flee the area. The player must chase down and kill these foes, then evade the police, as a 2 or 3-star wanted level is gained. Once done, Johnny will call Jim and ask to meet up with him so he can give him something (the cash stolen from Ray). Jim is on Exeter on V and Johnny takes the money to him. In a cutscene, Johnny tells Jim that he has all the money that diamonds could buy, Jim refers the money to all of Ray's money-to which Johnny responds "Fuck Ray man. Fuck all of them." And Johnny throws the briefcase of cash to Jim. Then Ray calls and says he's been informed by Niko that the money was snatched in the midst of the chaos. Johnny pretends he just wanted to escape with his life and had no idea what happened to the money. Ray then threatens Johnny, stating that if he's trying to pull one over on him, he'll pull Johnny's teeth out of his mouth. Johnny responds with "I like you, Ray. Still keeping your sense of humor in the face of an almighty fuck-up. See ya around!". After that, the mission is successfully completed.

Video Walkthrough

The Lost and Damned - Collector's Item


  • Mori Green - Killed by Luis in order to retrieve the diamonds.
  • Isaac's crew - Killed by Niko and Johnny in order to escape.
  • Ray's men - Killed by Johnny to prevent them from going to Ray.


  • In the PC version of the game, there is a possible bug that may occur, after the cutscene where the Johnny gives the money to Jim, the game will remain at the loading screen indefinitely, so the mission will become stuck.


  • This mission is seen in Grand Theft Auto IV from Niko's point of view and also in The Ballad of Gay Tony from Luis' point of view.
  • This mission, I Luv LC, Museum Piece, and Not So Fast are the only missions where all the protagonists appear at once.
  • This is the last time Johnny crossed paths with the other two protagonists, Niko and Luis.
  • During this mission and Museum Piece, Luis is not seen during the gameplay. Even though Johnny is at the left side where Luis ambushed the deal, he will not be seen.
  • During the cutscene where Niko and Johnny meet with the dealers, Niko has hazel eyes and he doesn't have dimples anymore.
  • Like all of Niko's appearances in both DLC's, his hair appears to be much darker than it is in the main game.
  • If Niko is injured, the mission will fail and Johnny will call Ray to report it. Ray will mention that he didn't like Niko and will be in touch.
  • It is possible to kill Niko Bellic without failing the mission. The player would need to first leap from the second floor as the firefight starts and follow Niko as he tries to leave through the goods entrance. Keep the camera trained on Niko at all times, as turning away would make him despawn. When Niko reaches the goods entrance, he will immediately turn around and begin to act like a regular pedestrian and try to leave through the North entrance. At this point, it is safe to kill Niko without any repercussions, though it will not affect the story in any way.
  • In this mission, Ray's men ambush Johnny at the North entrance and Isaac's men ambush Niko at the goods entrance.
  • The second man Luis shoots is armed with a pump shotgun, but after the cutscene during the shootout, there is an assault shotgun next to his body.
  • Isaac’s crew will be angered if the player steals or destroys the PMP 600’s parked outside the Libertonian.
  • Niko can be seen shooting an SMG during this mission. This is the same for Not So Fast.
  • Johnny uses an Assault Shotgun when this mission is shown in the credits, while in TBoGT he uses an SMG, and in the original game, he is unarmed.
  • As Johnny makes his way down the stairs, there will be many corpses laying about (courtesy of Niko). Johnny will comment on this as he passes, sometimes mentioning that he would hate to have Niko after him. If Johnny jumps down, the bodies will disappear and he will not say anything.
  • The Mafia goons encountered during the fight can be interacted by Johnny when initially arriving at The Libertonian. They can be heard saying things like, "Look at that, two fucking bums hit the jackpot", while others will still give a friendly to the player like "How ya doing?".
  • When walking through The Libertonian, with or without Terry and Clay, one of Ray's goons will say "We've got a motley crew here", a possible reference to the Glam Metal band Mötley Crüe.
  • Terry and Clay wait for Johnny at the North entrance as he is escaping from The Libertonian, only if Johnny calls them for backup.
  • This is the mission with the highest reward in TLAD.
  • If the player fails the mission by killing Jim, Johnny will call Ray, and Ray will ask about the money. Johnny replies that he is not in the mood because he lost a brother, but Ray ignores him and tells him not to hang up, which Johnny does.
  • In the cutscene, where Johnny gives Jim the money, the biker next to him is the GTA IV rendition of Jim. This is just a mistake by Rockstar, as the Unnamed Biker was supposed to be there.
  • If the player fails this mission by killing Niko, Ray will tell Johnny that he never liked Niko. However, if Niko kills Johnny in Museum Piece and then calls Ray, he will get angry at Niko and tells him that the "whole biker gang will come after him".