Collar & Cuffs is a clothing store located in Ocean Beach, Vice City in 1986 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City).

Tommy Vercetti can get the Mr. Vercetti outfit from the store after purchasing the Pole Position Club. Collar and Cuffs is just north of the Pole Position Club on the same street.



  • The store name is a double pun which refers to bondage and formal attire. Collars and cuffs are two items commonly used in bondage but they are also the folded area around a shirt neck and a piece of jewelry worn on the sleeve. However, the first pun is more likely to be the intended one due to Rockstar's sense of humour.
  • During cutscenes inside Ken Rosenberg's office, the scenery outside is located south of the underground mall near Collar and Cuffs, despite Rosenberg's office being located in the Hotel Harrison in Washington Beach.
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