Colin Anderson is a former Rockstar staff member, musician and producer. He is the author of several original songs that were made especially for their games.


Grand Theft Auto 1

  • Ghetto Fingers - "On The Move"
  • Ashtar - "Aori"
  • Stylus Exodus - "Pootang Shebang"
  • Stikki Fingers - "4 Letter Love"
  • Bleeding Stump - "Just Do It"
  • Sideways Hank O'Malley (and The Alabama Bottle Boys) - "The Ballad of Chapped-Lips Calhoun"

Grand Theft Auto 2

  • Stikki Fingerz - "Holdin' It Out For You"
  • Stylus Exodus - "Toucan Pie"
  • Bert Reid's Guitar Trio - "A Cool Day In Downtown"
  • Cow Tastes Good - "Surf City"
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