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Coil Arms Division logo GTA V.png|Logo of the Coil Arms Division
Coil Arms Division logo GTA V.png|Logo of the Coil Arms Division.
Illgotten007.jpg|Coil Combat PDW
Illgotten007.jpg|Coil Combat PDW.
MinigunGTAV.png|Coil Minigun
CombatPDW-GTAV.png|Coil Combat PDW.
RailGun-GTAV.png|Coil Rail Gun
MinigunGTAV.png|Coil Minigun.
StunGun-GTA5-ingame.png|Coil Stun Gun
RailGun-GTAV.png|Coil Rail Gun.
StunGun-GTA5-ingame.png|Coil Stun Gun.

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Coil is an automotive and weapon manufacturer in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto, based on Tesla Motors.


The name "Coil" is a play on words, the real life inspiration is Tesla Motors, and the "Coil" name comes from Nikola Tesla's Tesla Coil. However its logo resembles a coiled snake.

Coil also possesses a division named Coil Arms Divisions that manufactures the Railgun, Stun Gun, Minigun and Combat PDW. With the exception of the Combat PDW, all of Coil's weapons and its vehicle operate on electricity.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Voltic Compact roadster

Tesla Roadster   

First seen in Grand Theft Auto V
Weapon Based on (GTA V)
Combat PDW

Sig Sauer MPX, Knight's Armament Company PDW

Minigun M134 Minigun
Railgun Railgun
Stun Gun Stungun





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