Cobra Marital Arts is a martial arts dojo in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

The entrance to the dojo.


It is located in the Garcia neighborhood of San Fierro, State of San Andreas, just down the road from the driving school. Carl Johnson can work out in the dojo to increase his strength and fitness or receive training from a man who teaches him advanced fighting moves.

An old man who serves as the dojo's trainer is seen monitoring his students, while there are two other people training at the back of the interior.



  • Another one of Rockstar Games' jokes, instead of M-A-R-T-I-A-L, it's spelled M-A-R-I-T-A-L, probably as a reference to "Marital" as in "Marital aids".
  • The dojo's sensei looks identical to the Snakehead, as they use the same model and even the same voice.
  • The gym is probably a reference to the Cobra Kai karate dojo in the movie The Karate Kid.
  • According to police records the dojo is regularly frequented by police for training purposes. It is said to have great showers which they share and somebody seems to always drop the soap.
  • Unlike the Ganton Gym, firing a gun will not anger everyone inside the interior.
  • The shirtless person wearing a red pants is only seen inside the dojo, he was supposed to be the male lifeguard pedestrian who would appear at the beach areas.
  • This gym is unique that fighting the instructor takes place on the floor instead of in a fighting ring; as such, the match can be won by CJ or the sensei leaving the mat. This also makes winning the fight much easier as they can simply keep punching until the sensei is pushed off the mat.
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