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A crew has been running a successful import-export operation along the Palomino coastline, that is about to become a lot less successful with your help. Intercept their next shipment and deliver it to the drop-off location.
— Description

Coasting is a contact mission available for the player in Grand Theft Auto Online.


While it is performed for Martin Madrazo, it is not offered via a phone message. The player has to start the mission by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's radar) on Sustancia Road, just south of the turn for the NOOSE Headquarters, in Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode between 20:00 and 06:00.

This is one of six co-op "contact" missions not directly given by the contacts in GTA Online (including Coveted, Potshot, Crystal Clear Out II & III and Dirt Road). It can be accessed immediately upon reaching the required Rank by the Start>Online>Jobs menu (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only) or by walking into the job corona on the map (although the map coronas are limited by time of day).

A rival crew have a Mule loaded with goods at the beach south-east of the NOOSE HQ in the Palomino Highlands. The player with up to three others must steal the Mule and deliver it to Martin Madrazo's Lock-up (3.65 miles away by shortest GPS road route).

The player(s) need to fight the crew already at the beach in 3 Grangers and 2 Dinghys and re-inforcements in 5 Grangers will be sent to intercept once a player starts the truck. 

One enemy Granger with 2 occupants will stop on the road leading to the beach to lay an ambush. The rest (4 more SUVs with 2 occupants each) will continue down to the beach if the player(s) wait for them.

Mission Objectives

  • Steal the truck.
  • Deliver the truck to Madrazo's lock-up.