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"Bring down a smuggling operation on a Super Yacht for SecuroServ clients using an armored Technical Truck with seafaring capabilities."

Coast Guard Duty is a Special Vehicle Work mission in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the GTA Online: Import/Export update. It is the "Technical Aqua Mission".


The Assistant will tell the player to go to Beeker's Garage to pick Amphibious Technicals to take out a rival import/export business for a SecuroServ client. Said targets are on a Yacht off the coast.

The Yacht is guarded by several enemies on four Dinghies and a SuperVolito and must be taken down with the Technical's machine gun. Players needs to be careful, as reinforcements will be sent after the team once a majority of the first wave of vehicles has been destroyed. A player only needs to board the Yacht in the rear, take out the enemies and destroy the three products before returning to their trucks.

After that, players have to deliver the Technical Aquas to the drop-off point (Hookies parking lot), while taking out enemies in Fugitives and in other SuperVolitos. After reaching the destination, the mission is complete.



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