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Clubhouses are purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Bikers update.


Clubhouses can be purchased from Maze Bank Foreclosures and can have multiple decorations, as well as optional extras.

Once the player selects the desired clubhouse for the first time, an introductory cutscene plays, where Malc (a character from The Lost and Damned) welcomes the player to the new clubhouse and explains how the Motorcycle Club and features works.

There are recreational facilities available for the crew, including Darts, jukebox, Arm Wrestling, among others. Malc explains that the player needs some prospects to join to the club and how to establish a hierarchy. Then, Malc explains about jobs that appear on the notice board. The garage is a prominent feature of the club, where up to ten bikes can be stored. If the bike shop is purchased, it will be available on a corner of the garage and works in the same way as Los Santos Customs and Benny's Original Motor Works, only that is exclusive for bikes. The members of the MC still pay for the modifications to Zach, who runs the bike shop in the clubhouse. The Gun Locker (if purchased) works in the same way as its office counterpart, allowing players to store weapons and equip only what the player needs.

Malc also explains the availability of a laptop with access to anonymity network that links to a network server called The Open Road, where the player is able to choose and run an illicit business. After everything is explained, Malc tells the player he will be in touch if the player "takes any of that club business", but otherwise they can "enjoy the place" and leaves the clubhouse.

MC Jobs

The clubrooms include a noticeboard that keeps track of various statistics for the MC.
A variety of jobs will be randomly posted 3 at a time for the player to chose one.




Clubhouse Location Image In-game description Price
Del Perro Beach Clubhouse 7 Del Perro Beach
This functional ground floor property used to be a soup kitchen, and repossessing that kind of attack on American values isn't just business for us - it's pleasure. Now available for purchase by a patriotic entrepreneur or kingpin, this place will be serving the community again in no time. $365,000
Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse 2214 Clinton Avenue
Don't just sit there gorging on welfare and compassion. Take a stand for the trickle down economy today. Plunge capital back into your community. Buy up every last derelict and turn it into a living, breathing, buzzing hive of fugitives and meth heads. It's time to be the change, people. $472,000
Grapeseed Clubhouse 2111 East Joshua Road
If you're looking for somewhere that's off the beaten path you just found it: miles from anywhere, deemed hazardous by the Los Santos Building Standards Commission, and the last occupants died in murder-suicide pact. How many reassurances of total privacy do you need? $225,000
Great Chaparral Clubhouse 101 Route 68
We all thought there was a rock bottom, but nope, it turns out the value of a place like this just falls and falls! Get in here before we burn it for kicks. The authorities just want to forget it exists, so go wild. $200,000
Hawick Clubhouse 1778 Hawick Avenue
You know a property must be something really special when the previous occupants have such a hard time letting go. You just can't fake that kind of helpless desperation and rage, and in a world as cynical as this that's the best review of all. $495,000
La Mesa Clubhouse 137 Capital Boulevard
The locals assumed it was abandoned, but in fact this spacious warehouse was the heart and soul of the Los Santos snuff industry for years. Now tax hikes are forcing those pioneering filmmakers out of business, so this is your chance to buy your way under the radar and stay there for good. $449,000
Paleto Bay Clubhouse 1 Paleto Boulevard
You might assume this is a glass-half-empty kind of place, but the people of Paleto believe the glass is actually half full of cut-price real estate, disenfranchised workers and raw opportunity. That's right, this dingy storage unit is a step towards a brighter future for us all. $242,000
Paleto Bay Clubhouse 68 Paleto Boulevard
Sure, coastal small town America has mile after mile of foreclosed retail premises within fifty feet of a church and a gun store, so why choose this one? Well ask yourself this: can you think of a better way to blend in and disappear? Act now before it stops making sense. $250,000
Pillbox Hill Clubhouse 75 Elgin Avenue
The repo guys who raided this place died of smallpox three days later, which is almost certainly a coincidence and has in no way affected the valuation of the property. And hey, worst case scenario, you couldn't pay for a more robust security system. $455,000
Rancho Clubhouse 1334 Roy Lowenstein Boulevard
This little gem is nestled so snugly in the heart of longstanding urban squalor that we'd forgotten it was even on our books. As far as we can tell it's not on any property register, so just give us the cash and make it disappear. $420,000
Sandy Shores Clubhouse 47 Algonquin Boulevard
Are you a real fixer upper? Can you share the cool desert evenings with packs of wild dogs and openly incestuous couples? If so this is the project for you. It's got nothing but potential. $210,000
Vespucci Beach Clubhouse 4 Goma Street
You know times are tough when not even a million hipsters getting a tattoo of a swallow in flight on their taint could save this place from going under. Bad news for those who wanted to follow up with that bold yet simple triangle design, but the rock bottom pricetag is good news for you. $395,000


The player is able to choose a wide variety of customization options for the clubhouse. Once every item is selected, a total amount will be shown so the player can ensure the options are affordable for their saved money and confirm.

Customization options
Option Description Feature Price
Mural How many symbols of sex, attitude and self-destruction can you fit onto a single brick wall using only acrylic paints and spit? Dare to dream, and you'll surprise yourself. Nine different paintings for the inner walls of the clubhouse, usually close to the recreational areas. Paintings differs from every clubhouse. From left to right and from up to down:

  1. Free
  2. $86,500
  3. $93,000
  4. $99,500
  5. $106,000
  6. $112,500
  7. $119,000
  8. $132,000
  9. $150,000
Style To the untrained eye it might look like a scuzzy pit, but it takes a lot of money and talent to get a pit looking this scuzzy. Hand craft your levels of grime with custom walls, floors, hangings and furnishings. Two different options for Wall Style, Wall Hanging and Furniture Option. Option A usually have a traditional look and are free, while option B, although expensive, are more modern and gives the clubhouse a better look.
  • Wall Style B: $138,000
  • Wall Hanging B: $98,000
  • Furniture Option B: $164,000
  • Total for all features selected in Option B: $400,000
Club Emblem A picture is worth a thousand words, so an obscene doodle masquerading as a catchy logo is probably worth about a million pictures. Or something like that. The option to add an emblem on free spaces in the walls, usually near staircases and hallways. From left to right and from up to down:

  1. Custom emblem (crew emblem): Free
  2. MC Eagle: $50,000
  3. Lighting Skull: $51,500
  4. Clover with skull: $53,000
  5. Flaming Brass Knuckles: $54,500
  6. Uptown Riders emblem: $56,000
  7. Fox and Baseball bats: $57,500
  8. City Sunset and thunder ray: $59,000
  9. Pair of dice: $60,500
  10. Mod emblem: $62,000
Club name You've worked long and hard and hot and sweaty on a name that would offend as many people as possible, so make sure it gets the showcasing it deserves. Options to name the player's club, different fonts to select and eight available colors for the same. Free
Gun Locker An artisan only needs his best tools. Take your signature weaponry with you and leave the rest in the security of a locked safe guarded by the drug-addled murderers and psychos you call friends. A gun locker that allows the player to store weapons that are not needed, similarly to the ones in offices. $320,000
Custom Bike Shop You're a patron of the arts, and supporting local craftsmen is what you're all about. So, if you don't give this guy's location to the feds he'll squat in your garage and mod your rides for the fair market price plus a lungful of draw and the occasional bucket of oats. A personal mod shop to modify bikes, in the same way as Los Santos Customs and Benny's Original Motor Works. $530,000


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