Not to be confused with Nightclub Management in Grand Theft Auto Online.
"As one of Tony Prince's club managers, Luis can work nights at the clubs, which includes dealing with issues like club security and unruly club patrons, as well as tending to the many needs of the Liberty City party-going elite."
— TBoGT Official Website

Club Management is a side-mission featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The mission takes place in Maisonette 9, after Luis Lopez changes into his suit and earpiece in the security room with Joni. This side-mission is not available immediately - the player must receive a call from Tony Prince asking Luis to go and help out at the club more. The club is open from 9:00 PM until 6:00 AM.

Club Management becomes unavailable following Ladies Half Price. It becomes available again after completing Departure Time, the final storyline mission.


The objective of Club Management is to supervise the main areas of the club and deal with troublemakers when trouble arises. At the end sequence of every club management, Dessie will contact Luis and ask him to run an errand for the VIPs in the club.

After assisting celebrities on eight different occasions, Luis will receive a call from Tony thanking him for doing such a good job taking care of the club's celebrity clientele, promising him that he will get someone else to handle VIP requests from then on, much to Luis' relief. After this the player will no longer have to run errands for celebrities during Club Management, and can choose to simply keep watch over the club and deal with troublemakers, drunks and dealers until the club closes.

From time to time during Club Management, Joni will call to Luis' earpiece with an excuse for him to come urgently into the security room. Usually to his surprise, a variety of sexual acts will follow, including having her dress rolled up and giving him a blowjob, casual sex with Luis while leaning her over the desk, and a sort of a short lap-dance. Having sex with Joni will refill Luis' health, but is generally pointless as there's a first aid pack in the security room. If Luis has sex with a girl in the bathroom after dancing, Joni will call Luis in and scream at him for breaking her heart. At other times she will call and question Luis about the nature of their relationship, ending with her telling him to forget about it and thinking of starting taking meds.

Luis cannot take shots or participate in the champagne drinking game during Club Management due to the fact he is working.


Celebrity Description Image
Clay "Pain Giver" Jackson Jackson will be at Hercules in a black PMP 600, surrounded by paparazzi. Luis will need to get in and evade the photographers, before dropping Jackson and his friend at The Majestic. If Luis harms any of the photographers, or lets them get too many pictures, the mission will fail. Maisonette 9 club managment 1.jpg
Kerry McIntosh Luis will be told that McIntosh is demanding take-out from the Iron Belly Deli in Bohan. On the drive back to Hercules to deliver it, McIntosh's assistant Danni repeatedly calls Luis to tell him that Kerry is becoming agitated about the food. If it takes too long to deliver the food to her, the mission is failed.

Tip: Taking the Taxi can help cut down on the driving. After getting in a vehicle, get out and take the taxi, then get in a vehicle and drive the short distance left.

British Prince Dessie asks Luis to tend to a Prince from England, who needs to pick up two prostitutes from Easton Station. After they are met, Luis is to drive the three to a hotel in Star Junction. BritishPrince-ClubManagement.png
Poppy Mitchell Mitchell needs to leave the club, but is worried about the paparazzi outside. Dessie suggests using a fire truck from the station in Northwood. After dispatching the photographers with the water cannon, Luis uses the truck to drop Mitchell off at the The Hotel on Luddite East. PoppyMitchell-ClubManagement.png
Cloe Parker Luis finds Parker heavily drunk in the women's washroom, and is to drive her to her home in Westdyke in her pink Peyote. During the trip, she will frequently grab the steering wheel and make sexual suggestions to Luis. CloeParker-ClubManagement.png
Al Di Napoli Napoli asks Luis to drive him up Vespucci University to meet with Oscar Gomez for a drug deal. Once the deal is done, Luis must evade a 2-star wanted level then drop Napoli off at the Amdram Theatre. AliDiNapoli-ClubManagement.png
Blue Brothers Luis drives to the MeTV building to pick up Billy & Bobby Blue; once they get into the car, Luis will have to get them to Maisonette 9, evading the hordes of fans. If any of the fans are injured or killed, the mission is failed. BlueBrothers-ClubManagement.png
Bruce Spade Tony tells Luis to use a Swift to pick up Spade from Northwood and bring him to the club. During the trip back, Spade will get agitated if Luis flies too high, and will ask him to keep close to the ground. BruceSpade-ClubManagement.png

A black Schafter is provided for the missions, presumably as an official business car.

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  • On the PC version, when Luis receives a message from Dessie, although the camera is locked on Luis' head, moving the mouse still causes his head to move, as it would in normal viewing mode.
  • On certain computers with very little RAM (where car clumping occurs) various cars will tend to spawn after the player's shift ends when the player leaves the club, making Club Management a good way to obtain cars that rarely spawn on the streets due to the programming quirk.


  • Luis' management suit can be kept once club management ends. It also appears in his wardrobe, though without the earpiece.
  • Whenever Luis has to throw someone out, they can be anywhere in the club, but are more common at the bar, the entrance hallway, and in the toilets.
  • If the last club management mission is completed after Departure Time, Luis will not receive the call from Tony, due to the fact that Tony's number is removed from Luis' phone after the mission.
  • Poppy will mention this mission in her dialog in the GTA V Strangers and Freaks missions Sex Tape and The Meltdown.


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