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Like the previous games since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories lets the player choose to change the clothing of protagonist Victor Vance. All outfits are available in any of the three safehouses which include 101 Bayshore Avenue in Viceport, The Compound in Little Haiti, and The Clymenus Suite in Vice Point. Changing clothes removes up to 2 star wanted level. There are 15 different outfits available in GTA Vice City Stories.

Image Name Description Unlocked after
ArmyFatigues-GTAVCS.png Army Fatigues Beige t-shirt, camouflage pants, dog tags, and black low-tops The beginning of "Soldier"; unavailable between "Conduct Unbecoming" and "Over the Top".
CasualOutfit-GTAVCS.png Casuals Sky blue t-shirt, stonewashed jeans and white sneakers "Conduct Unbecoming"
LeisureOutfit-GTAVCS.png Leisure Purple top, gold chain necklace, white pants and white dress shoes Developing a High Roller prostitution empire site
TrailerTrashOutfit-GTAVCS.png Trailer Trash Consists of a white tank top, blue stonewashed jeans, and white sneakers. This outfit is similar to Carl Johnson's outfit at the beginning of GTA San Andreas. "D.I.V.O.R.C.E."
CubanStyleOutfit-GTAVCS.png Cuban Style Light blue short sleeved guayabera, brown wristwatch, white pants and brown shoes. This is similar to the Colombian Cartel's outfit in GTA Liberty City Stories, despite lacking a vest. "Havana Good Time"
PastelSuit-GTAVCS.png Pastel Suit Creamy yellow suit with orange shirt and orange shoes "Brawn of the Dead"
Tracksuit-GTAVCS.png Tracksuit Zipped up red, purple and white tracksuit with white low-tops (enables you to sprint longer distances without slowing down) Developing a High Roller drugs empire site
HoodOutfit-GTAVCS.png Hood Ski mask, black jacket with blue stonewashed jeans and white low-tops Developing a High Roller robbery empire site
HiredMuscleOutfit-GTAVCS.png Hired Muscle Black and gray vest with white tank top, black jeans, black belt, black sneakers and fingerless gloves Developing a High Roller protection racket empire site
RepoManOutfit-GTAVCS.png Repo-Man White rolled up, long sleeved shirt with red tie, black pants and brown shoes. The suit is a reference to a 1984 cult film, Repo Man, in which the punk protagonist wears a similar outfit. When worn, Victor also bears a striking resemblance to Laurence Fishburne's character in Boyz n the Hood. Developing a High Roller loan shark empire site
SmugglerOutfit-GTAVCS.png Smuggler Green hooded jacket with black and green striped shirt, brown pants and green hi-tops Developing a High Roller smuggling empire site
SmartSuit-GTAVCS.png Smart Suit Turquoise suit and black loafers Completing every Empire Building-type mission
WinnerOutfit-GTAVCS.png Winner White T-shirt with "R*LAX" printed on, blue jeans and cream loafers.

The T-shirt is a reference to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's iconic "Frankie Say Relax" and "Frankie Say War!" T-shirts marketed with the release of Two Tribes in 1984. The "R*" on the printing is likely to be a short form for "Rockstar" that refers to to Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds (joint-developers of GTA Vice City Stories), or Rockstar Games in general.

The Winner outfit is related to the "Frankie" outfit in GTA Vice City.

A similar shirt is also worn by a Haitaian gang member

"Last Stand"
WetSuit-GTAVCS.png Wet Suit Black and yellow skintight wetsuit with no footwear "Watersports"


  • While wearing the Army Fatigues, the player can enter the Fort Baxter Air Base without being attacked. However, killing more than three soldiers inside the base will make them attack the player in retaliation.
  • The Smart Suit is identical to Lance's suit (which he wears after From Zero to Hero), the only differences are a lighter blue color to the outer layer, and a darker color to the interior of the suit.