Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the first game in which the player can choose to change the clothing of the protagonist Tommy Vercetti. Changing clothes removes up to a two-star wanted level, even if the player is already wearing the same outfit. Dying or being arrested results in Tommy changing back to his Street outfit. In the PC version the player also can make his own clothes.





Unlocked after



Turquoise Hawaiian shirt, blue stone washed jeans and white sneakers. It is the default clothing when the player enters the game the very first time, after that, it can be changed.

Ocean View Hotel, Ocean Beach

"The Party"

Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island

"Rub Out"

Hyman Condo, Downtown

Purchase of Hyman Condo



Light blue suit with black shirt and black loafers.

Rafael's, Ocean Beach

"The Party"



Spand Express overalls and baseball cap, with the same Hawaiian shirt, gloves and white sneakers.

Tooled Up, North Point Mall, Vice Point



Country Club

Golfing attire: crimson red and pale purple shirt, red plaid pants, glove and brown golf shoes.

Leaf Links Golf Club, Leaf Links

"Four Iron"



Cuban gang outfit: White top, red bandanna, light blue jeans and white sneakers.

Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour, Little Havana

"Two Bit Hit"



Vice City Police Department uniform: Sand shirt with white T-shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes.

The Military at the Fort Baxter Air Base and the police at the Washington Beach Police Station will not attack the player if Tommy is donning the Cop outfit. However, attacking will make them retaliate and shoot at the player.

Washington Beach Police Station, Washington Beach

"Cop Land"


Bank Job

Hockey mask and green jumpsuit with gloves and white sneakers.

Malibu Club, Vice Point

"The Job"



Dark tan t-shirt, blue stone washed jeans and white sneakers.

GASH, North Point Mall, Vice Point

"Treacherous Swine"


Mr. Vercetti

Grey pinstriped suit with pale purple shirt and grey loafers.

Collar and Cuffs, Ocean Beach

Purchase of The Pole Position Club



Black tracksuit with white stripes, and white sneakers.

Jocksport, Downtown

"Supply & Demand"



Crimson red tracksuit with yellow stripes, and white sneakers.

Brownstone Laundromat, Little Havana

"In The Beginning..."



White t-shirt with text in the front reading "I Completed Vice City and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt" and stylized in Pricedown, blue stone washed jeans and white sneakers.

Vercetti Estate, Starfish Island

100% completion


The Havana outfit can become unreachable after specific missions because the game relocates the pickup from behind the front door to the back of an invisible wall after certain missions. Missions that require the player to change their clothes will remove all clothing pickups and replace them after the mission is over. However, three missions ("Cop Land", "No Escape?", and "The Job") move the Havana clothing pickup to the back of the store's left-side window, rendering the pickup unreachable. To avoid this glitch, the player must complete these three missions before completing "Two Bit Hit". This is commonly referred to as the Havana Glitch or Havana Outfit Glitch and has not been fixed in subsequent, updated versions, minus the mobile versions.

If the glitch has afflicted the player, there is a way to obtain the outfit through another glitch:

How to get the Havana Outfit

How to get the Havana Outfit


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