A clothing pickup found in all safehouses.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the player is given the choice of wearing 16 different outfits to wear similar to previous installments, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Changing clothes can remove up to a 2-star wanted level. The player can change their clothes inside the three safehouses available at each island; They include the Portland safehouse in Saint Marks, the Staunton Island safehouse in Newport and the Shoreside Vale safehouse in Cedar Grove.




Unlocked After

Casual.jpg Casual Clothes Brown jacket and buff pants worn by Toni when he returns to Liberty City. Home Sweet Home
Leonesuit.jpg Leone's Suit Black suit worn by members of the Leone Crime Family. Home Sweet Home
Overalls.jpg Overalls Blue overalls and a hockey mask. Worn to trigger the Slash TV minigame. The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
Angel.jpg Avenging Angel's fatigues Worn by the Avenging Angels. Used to start the Avenging Angels side-mission. Frighteners
Chaffeur.jpg Chauffeur's Clothes Grey chauffeur outfit with a grey hat. Worn by Toni when posing as Jane Hopper's chauffeur. Rollercoaster Ride
Lawyer.jpg Lawyer's suit Blue suit with glasses. Worn by Toni when posing as Salvatore Leone's lawyer. Rough Justice
Tux.jpg Tuxedo White tuxedo. Worn by Toni when accompanying Toshiko Kasen to the opera. A Date With Death
Elvis.jpg 'The King' jumpsuit An Elvis inspired jumpsuit. The Sicilian Gambit
Cox.jpg Cox Mascot suit Mascot costume for the Liberty City Cocks. Completing Slash TV twice
Underwear.jpg Underwear Toni's underwear. Completing 1 Unique Stunt Jump
Hero.jpg Hero Garb Hero costume unlocked after completing all Avenging Angels side-missions. Completing the Avenging Angels side-mission in Shoreside Vale
Dragon.jpg Dragon Jumpsuit Yellow jumpsuit. Crazy '69'
Antonio.jpg Antonio An outfit consisting of a white shirt, jeans and a pair of white sneakers. Making Toni
Sweats.jpg Sweats Blue tracksuit with white sneakers. A Walk in the Park
Goodfella.jpg Goodfella An outfit consisting of a black shirt, trousers and shoes. Its name is inspired by the movie of the same name. Overdose of Trouble
Wiseguy.jpg Wiseguy An outfit consisting of a brown short-sleeved shirt and black leather pants. Shoot the Messenger
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