The Clocktower is a two-building industrial complex in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Located in BOABO, Broker, and fronting the Humboldt River, the building can easily be spotted immediately south of the Algonquin Bridge by both its large rooftop CLOCKTOWER sign and functional digital clock synchronized to the in-game time. This meant the building is also visible to the right as the player drives across the bridge from Algonquin to Broker. Otherwise, the building plays no part in the game, other than providing another means by which the player can check the in-game time and it serves as a landmark to guide return helicopter trips to Brucie Kibbutz's helipad which is immediately to the east of the building.

At night, the large CLOCKTOWER sign on the roof lights up with red neon lights, however the "L" is slightly dimmer than the rest of the letters, resulting in the sign appearing to spell out "Cocktower".

The entire complex, including the sign, is based on 25-30 Columbia Heights (known for a similarly designed "Watchtower" sign) in Brooklyn, New York City. The Clocktower building's in-game design, however, is scaled down and less modernized than its real-life counterpart. The orientation of the Clocktower's main building is also altered to face north when the Watchtower's faces west in real life.


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