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Mount a land and sea operation to wipe out the Lost Motorcycle Club's methamphetamine operation in Blaine County with Amphibious ATV's.
— Brief.

Cleanup Op is a Special Vehicle Work mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the Import/Export update.


The crew is instructed to go to Grapeseed and take the Blazer Aquas provided for the mission. The assistant will inform them that a special interest group approached SecuroServ requesting to wipe out The Lost MC as part of their special interests. The gang is running a methamphetamine operation with Benson trucks and they must be taken out.

The crew heads to Millar's Fishery at the North Coast of the Alamo Sea, where six trucks must be destroyed. Armed enemies are guarding the area and will attack once the first truck is destroyed, so the crew has to take them out as well.

Once the first group of trucks are destroyed, the crew is instructed to move to Lago Zancudo and destroy four more trucks, which are on the move. Enemies will spawn on the roads, as well as a Frogger with a gunner, so players have to avoid them through the water with the Blazer Aqua's amphibious capabilities.

Once the second group of trucks are destroyed, the assistant will inform them that some Lost gang members are escaping in Dinghy boats and that the client wants the players to eliminate them.

With the remaining enemies taken out and the work done, the crew is instructed to leave the vehicles at the Vespucci Helipad in La Puerta to complete the mission.


Mission abort - SecuroServ were expecting a total wipeout of Lost assets in the county.
— Assistant's post-mission text

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the Blazer Aquas.
  • Get on a Blazer Aqua.
  • Wait for your team to get on a Blazer Aqua.
  • Go to Millar's Fishery.
  • Destroy the transport trucks.
  • Go to Lago Zancudo.
  • Take out the transport trucks.
  • Destroy the boats.
  • Deliver the Blazer Aqua to the drop off.
  • Help deliver the the Blazer Aqua to the drop off.

Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Import Export - Special Vehicle Work 3 - Blazer Aqua Mission (Cleanup Op)