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Clay Simons: "Johnny Klebitz! Leading the way. You're a real figure of authority, man."
Johnny Klebitz: "You coming onto me?"
Clay Simons: "Ha ha. You wish, motherfucker."
—Clay Simons and Johnny Klebitz

Clayton "Clay" Simons, also known as Crowdog or Big Clay, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character and a friend in The Lost and Damned and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Clay was a Lieutenant and the Road Captain of The Lost MC. As the Road Captain of the Lost MC, he will deliver bikes to his fellow club members including Johnny Klebitz, who is able to call him via his cellphone whenever he needs a bike. He helps Johnny in many missions, and one of four surviving members of The Lost MC's Alderney chapter, along with Johnny Klebitz, Angus Martin, and Terry Thorpe.



You shoulda seen some of the gentlemen's clubs in Thailand, brother. No touchin' rules there.
— Clay Simmons

Prior to joining The Lost MC, he was a member of the US army, having helped protect the US embassy in Vietnam, during the Fall of Saigon in 1975. At one point, Clay was stationed in Thailand, where he visited several gentlemen's clubs. He was still in the army until around 2005 or so when he returned to civilian life.

Events of The Lost and Damned

Johnny Klebitz: "Clay, man. You getting itchy feet? How long you been Stateside for?"
Clay Simons: "Shit, maybe three years. Ever since I was reborn into civilian life."
Johnny Klebitz: "Dude, being in the army, I don't get how you could stay away from America that long."
—Johnny Klebitz and Clay Simons

Clay is seen most of the time with Terry Thorpe. Clay helps Johnny Klebitz and The Lost MC during most of the game, like taking back Billy's Revenant and attacking The Angels of Death at their Clubhouse. When Johnny and Jim stole some AOD bikes, they can call Clay and Terry in order to help them against some AOD bikers.

After Billy was arrested, Clay remains loyal to Johnny and helped him kill Brian Jeremy's chapter. After Brian's death, Clay and Terry played a small role during the game and can be called for backup in several missions.

When Ray sent hitmen to kill Johnny and Jim, Clay and Terry can be called to plan an ambush along with Johnny to kill the hitmen. When Billy wanted to talk with the feds, Stubbs connected with Clay and Terry, who got firepower to break into the jail, who then helped Johnny through the prison, who killed Billy.

When they came back to the Lost MC Clubhouse, as they saw the clubhouse was trashed by Ray Boccino's men, they burned it down, to "put it out of its misery". Clay, Terry, Johnny and Angus looked at their burning clubhouse, as the last survivors of The Lost's Alderney City chapter (Acter district of Alderney City specifically).

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

This better be bullshit!
— Clay upon hearing of Johnny's death.

By 2013, The Lost moved to Blaine County, where they became associated with Trevor Philips. After killing Johnny in a moment of rage, Trevor meets up with Clay and Terry to mock them. The duo, along with members in a van, attempt to escape in order to inform the gang, however, both Terry and Clay can be ultimately killed by Trevor, either on their bikes while escaping or at the trailer park along with all the other bikers. If Trevor doesn't knock Clay off his bike during the chase and decides to not kill him during the trailer park massacre, he can flee, though it is unknown what becomes of him after.

Mission Appearances

The Lost and Damned

Grand Theft Auto V

Clay's Bikes



  • Unlike most of the other characters from the game, he does not have an entry in the LCPD database. As a result, his exact age is unknown. However, at one point, Clay makes reference to his time guarding the U.S. Embassy during the Fall of Saigon in 1975. This means that Clay was born before or during 1957 for him to be an active US serviceman in 1975, and makes him the oldest known member of the Lost MC.
  • Clay is always seen with Terry Thorpe, whether as back-up or friend activities, much like Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas in The Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • Even if the player calls him for a bike for the first time, he can still comment that Johnny is demanding.
  • Clay likes to smoke marijuana and cigars, though he seemingly always forgets his cigars when he leaves home. He also makes frequent references to "tweaking", a slang term for the peak of a methamphetamine high.
  • Throughout the events of the game a bottom rocker (semi-circular patch) can be seen on the back of Clay's jacket bearing the word "Liberty", even though he is a member of The Lost MC's Alderney chapter. The reason for this is never explained. Clay is the only member of the Alderney chapter who openly wears a bottom rocker or territory patch, oddly claiming Liberty rather than Alderney.
  • Clay's voicemails is one of the four shortest voicemails in the GTA IV era (This is Clay's phone. Leave your details.), the other three would be Little Jacob's (Yeah, I'm busy. Call me back.), Phil Bell's (This is Phil B. Leave a message.) and Rocco Pelosi's (Yo, it's the Rock. Leave a message).
  • In the cutscene for Mr. Philips, Clay is wearing a black beanie. This beanie will fall off if Clay is killed.
  • Clay's patch in Grand Theft Auto V reads that he is from the Los Santos chapter. However, he is still fleeing to Stab City chapter for help in "Mr. Philips." Johnny Klebitz's patch didn't change after The Lost and Damned and still says "Liberty City".
  • Strangely, Clay "PG" Jackson's Bleeter profile picture is actually a picture of Clay Simons. Other than the name and that they're both African-American, the two share absolutely no similarities.
  • Clay has two tattoos, one on each forearm, as visible on his GTA V model. Both tattoos are available to the GTA Online Protagonist; the tattoo on his right arm is available as the "Skull on the Cross" back tattoo, and the one on his left arm is available as the "Dragons and Skull" right arm tattoo.