As seen in GTA IV

Claude's Outfit is the primary outfit featured in Grand Theft Auto III and an optional outfit featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Grand Theft Auto III

The default outfit for the protagonist Claude is the now-iconic black bomber leather jacket, dark green cargo pants, and blue sneakers. They are his only clothes throughout the whole game, only ever wearing something different during the first mission Give Me Liberty, wherein he's sporting his orange prison uniform.


In the PC version of the game, Skins are introduced and the player can create their own outfit. With the addition of this new skin feature, a secondary default skin simply named "Playa2" is also added, wherein Claude has a mustache, a brown leather jacket, light blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Grand Theft Auto IV

A nearly identical outfit is potentially unlocked for Niko Bellic, dependent on the player's choice during the mission The Holland Play. The outfit will be exclusively available from Playboy X's Penthouse, which Niko will inherit if the player chooses to side with Dwayne Forge.



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