Citizens Raging Against Phones (CRAP) is a lobby group featured in Grand Theft Auto III.


The group's agenda is to eradicate mobile phone usage in Liberty City by rounding up those who use them and sending them to a deserted island as punishment, claiming that mobile phones are an "annoyance" and "distraction". According to CRAP's founder, they oraganise meetings using carrier pigeons, which have a tendency to go missing.

CRAP's founder phones into talk radio station Chatterbox FM to promote the organisation, though she ends up being ridiculed by host Lazlow after he learns of the group's humourous acronym, the miniscule membership (three) and the fact that the founder is using a phone to tell Lazlow about it. The rest of the conversation consists of bickering and childish insults from both sides before it is cut short by a commercial break.


  • It is implied that CRAP's carrier pigeons are captured and eaten by another resident of the city who enjoys eating unusual forms of meat. He also appears on Chatterbox, discussing the various animals he consumes, as well as claiming the pigeons he caught are "like fortune cookies with wings".
  • It's also implied that CRAP's founder is one of the former members of Citizens United Negating Technology For Life And People's Safety, as when she called Lazlow in 1998 on LCFR's Chatterbox segment, she said "First, (we'll turn off) the Internet, then we're turning off the phones!".

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