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GTA III Cinematic Camera

The effect of the Cinematic Camera in GTA III.

Cinematic Camera is a unique type of camera setting introduced in the 3D Universe firstand onward.


It allows the player to view a vehicle being drivenfrom 2nd person perspective and frequently changes as driving further. GTA Vice City reuses the camera from GTA III but starting in GTA San Andreas, the cinematic camera was revamped, introducing different angles to choose from, (helicopter, pedestrian, etc.) and further enhanced in GTA IV and GTA V in which activating slow-motion and toggle while in the mission is made possible.

Cinematic Camera mode in Grand Theft Auto V is separate from default camera button as seen from previous games. In the enhanced version of GTA V, new camera modes exist, including enhanced quality, new positions and new panoramas.


  • The Cinematic Camera can cause negative effects if the player is driving a vehicle not in good condition as it will usually move the camera out of the player's visible sight and just pull away.



  • In GTA III and GTA Vice City, having this camera mode turned on will result in very few cars spawning on the streets. This makes it possible to drive at very high speed on the streets.
  • For some reason, the cinematic camera is unavailable in the mobile and remastered versions of GTA San Andreas.
  • In GTA V, if the player drives under a bridge while the camera is activated (and follows the player), the camera will stop suddenly before the bridge, as the camera cannot follow after the bridge.
  • Due to render distances, in GTA V, only nearby shadows will show up in many camera modes, so distant buildings and objects will not cast a shadow until they are approached closely.
    Hydra-Cinematic Camera Mode Shadow Glitch

    A distant cinematic camera mode in GTA V. Note that there is no shadows on distant buildings.

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