Chunder Wheel, 1984

Chunder Wheel is a Ferris wheel located on the Washington Beach Fairground of Vice City. It still stands in 1984, but by 1986 the area is used for construction by Avery Carrington (the same place where Tommy Vercetti gets missions from him). It is unknown exactly what happened to the Ferris wheel and the fairground, though it is implied that Avery Carrington bought the fairground and demolished it to build either an office building or condominium.

There is a "mission trigger" mark in front of the wheel in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Standing on it causes the wheel to stop briefly, allowing Victor to get on and take a ride.


  • A humorous A.I. glitch in Vice City Stories occurs if Victor boards a car with a passenger already aboard. The two will begin hurling insults and verbal abuse at each other for the duration of the ride (the dialogue being what is normally heard when Victor bumps into people in the street).
  • Due to a rare glitch, sometimes the riding pods will become invisible during a gaming session. The only way to fix this glitch is to restart the game. Similarly, sometimes the pods will become unenterable.



  • Chunder is a slang term meaning to vomit, which may imply that many people, after riding the Ferris wheel, vomit.
  • The Chunder Wheel is a reference to The Wonder Wheel, an actual Ferris wheel in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

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